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Joining ABF’s team of professionals means finally discovering a company that values the work of its employees and who also trains and respects them!
It also means working for a major pillar of the world of construction.

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Working at ABF


  • Permanent and full-time positions available
  • On-site training 
  • A friendly work atmosphere 


  • Years of service recognition program
  • Work clothing provided (factory and truckers) 
  • Internal excellence program
  • Social benefits
  • OHS committee


  • Overtime work at time and a half and double time (factory)
  • Reference bonus
  • Internal excellence program


  • Recognition program for years of service
  • Work clothing provided (factory and truckers)
  • OHS committee 

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Philippe Houle, Project manger at Armatures Bois-Francs
Philippe Houle, Project manger at Armatures Bois-Francs

Philippe Houle,

Project manager
"At Armatures Bois-Francs, one of our main values ​​is the customer experience and it has always been our priority. To do this, I have always made sure, over my many years at this company, to be professional and available for our clients, but also, for my colleagues. At ABF, nothing can stop us! We are very supportive and that makes us a strong team."
Any Giguère - MOD
Any Giguère - MOD - MOK

Any Giguère,

"Working at ABF means being part of a family where collaboration between colleagues and superiors is present, which gives employees a great sense of belonging. ABF is a company that is constantly evolving which allows us to have suitable work tools that are at the cutting edge of technology. I am very proud to work for a company that promotes the same values as those close to my heart!"
Khaly Diakarte, Production mechanic at Armatures Bois-Francs
Khaly Diakarte, Production mechanic at Armatures Bois-Francs

Khaly Diakhate,

Production mechanic
"What sets Armatures Bois-Francs apart from the other companies where I worked since arriving in Canada is the excellent work environment. Communication is excellent among employees and supervisors. My work allows me to have great autonomy and to work in various areas. I am very grateful that the company has allowed me to improve myself with courses to develop and diversify my knowledge. I am proud to be a part of the Armatures Bois-Francs family and I still see myself in this team for many years to come."